All Sims 4 sets are rated

If you want to add something to your game, look no further than Sims 4 Kits. And if you are not sure how much the pen is worth, here is our list of all those Kits Sims 4 rated!

EA presented Kits in 2021 with the simultaneous launch of Country Kitchen, Bust the Dust and Throwback Fit. At a cost of £ 4.99 each, these sets add a pack of Create-A-Sim or Build / Buy items to the game. Despite some negative reactions from the community in terms of price and comparison with other types of DLC, Kits offers a small downside supplement to those who want it. In addition, players can choose which different styles they want with the specific themes for each set.

While we are on the theme of Sims 4, here are the best modifications to improve the game and some realistic modifications. There is also our brief list of tricks and everything we know about wolf men.

All Sims 4 sets are rated

This list combines personal experiences with societal perspectives on the kits, as controversial as they are, to make a definitive list. We have divided the list into two categories: furniture sets and clothing sets, which are very different and cannot be compared between them.

Here, all the Sims 4 sets are classified as “worse” and better.

Set of classified furniture

7 – Campestre kitchen

To be realistic, these articles should be included in the Country Living expansion pack. But for those who do not want to spend more than 30 € on an extension, this is a good option.

On the surface, it seems a bit sloppy, but keep in mind that a counter element is actually a wide variety of shapes and configurations: you have to disable the automatic counters to find the other parts. The set contains 13 furniture elements and two floor options. It’s nice, but that’s all.

6 – Industrial loft

The Sims 4 Kits are centered on a niche theme, and Industrial Loft is no different. The theme is the apartments in Brooklyn, New York, built on old industrial buildings.

The idea is great and the set brings with it some unique decorative elements such as pipes and ventilation coils, but many of the furniture is very reminiscent of some that are already included in the game or that come with other packages. It’s a little average, really.

5 – Maximum decoration

Decor To The Max really highlights today’s modern maximalist design choices and brings a brilliant look to the Sims along with some very brilliant cosmetic options.

The manada is obviously very obsessed. This is the whole point, but it’s hard to see most players using many of the elements at times. The samples offered come in a number of different color combinations so that the articles can be used in different constructions. Not surprisingly, the large statue of the real turkey is clearly litigation.

4 – Small campers

Anything that comes down to supporting Sim’s kids is an advantage, as they really only have activity and tasks to record their time. Little Campers focuses on the idea of ​​camping in the back yard and aligning with what is in the house.

The screen of the bricolaje projector is an adorable touch, but the real winner is the cabaña and the thematic elements to camp, such as a blanket and pillows with bones. In addition, the camping chair looks like a frog. This package is designed so that elements like pillows and Smores are not interactive.

3 – Oasis on the terrace

Based in Morocco’s riads, Courtyard Oasis brings a welcome soup of fresh air to The Sims 4. It’s no secret that many of the items on offer are clearly modern and a bit similar between them.

This package gives us a new theme and an opportunity to create different types of Sims hosts. Combine the palm groves and celery windows with Oasis Springs floor plan and we have a winner. Not just furniture, but this package has building style elements like floors, columns and windows and stairs!

2 – Vent the dust

Oddly enough, Bust The Dust is the first and only package to add a change to the game. If a Sim holds one of the vacuum cleaners, you can clean your house with it and check the dust level. If you let it accumulate, you will get dust mites aware that it will change!

The only downside is that there are literally only five elements in the set. The elements of the game compensate for this as the price is only £ 4.99.

1 – Flower rooms

Number one is definitely Blooming Rooms. Why? Because any amount of plants is enough. What’s better than a room full of plants, you ask? A room filled with plants in Sims.

These plants, which increase the Sims’ environmental needs, are decorative (and unfortunately a little bit in the game) and will not be marketed without the proper care, although we want them to be an extra element.

Classified clothing sets

6 – Elegant moonlight

Moonlight Chic occupies the last place due to its rather uniform content. The set’s fundraising options are mostly cargo leather pants with very similar examples.

The best options have some good articles like the short sleeve and the custom jacket, but they are often misunderstood, with loose articles and some questionable examples. While some items are unisex clothing, most are under the feminine filter. There are also a pair of solo shoes, which are sports shoes. This, for us, really does not end with the elegant theme of the night, as Kittet promises.

5 – Modern men’s fashion

Let’s start by saying that the idea of ​​this set is excellent: adding different styles to men’s brands is amazing and now it is properly adjusted instead of wearing women’s clothing that looks extraordinary in men’s brands.

The problem with Modern Menswear is some of the questionable designs. Why are there seams in the grooves in a shirt with a high collar? Why are there more needles in a suit? The second contract is that many Sims players do not prefer a high-priced theme to their Sims and guards, so this pack loses the mark of usable clothing.

4 – Carnival streetwear

The Carnaval Streetwear set is created with the Brazilian drag queen Pabllo Vittar and brings a number of very fun and thematic articles to Sims. The models are lively and feel new, with matching textures like blouses and blouses. Not just clothes, but many accessories, such as new gloves and makeup.

Carnaval Streetwear is best used for a theme party, a holiday or a beach dress. Some items will not be included in the players’ regular choices, and the monotone of the course extremely high under a beach coat is questionable, but this is certainly one of the best clothing sets.

3- Adjust retro

The vintage and incredibly ingenious nature of this package kept some players busy, but as a result, many Sims use it regularly.

Throwback Fit was the first launched clothing set and has 23 sporting goods for toddlers and children, not just for teenagers and adults. The set is huge from the 90s and even has a fisherman’s hat next to shoes, sandals, jackets and chandelier pants. The models save the set now that there are more subtle color combinations than the black block patterns.

2 – Modegade

Fashion Street brings a much needed different clothing theme to The Sims 4. The Bollywood set combines traditional and modern clothing based on the trends coming directly from Mumbai.

There are different models and many models, and a variety of accessories that can be added to the screens. The set also includes henna tattoos, which is a great touch. The set contains the refrigerator with 30 items, but unfortunately it is only for teenagers and adults. Either way, this is definitely one of the best Kits that EA has launched in terms of quality and theme.

1 – Arrival at Inchon

Labeling of the set of clothes for arrivals to Incheon. The set is based on modern Korean fashion, with many more simple examples and articles that are casual and inspired by work and party clothes. Not only are there usable models, there are new textures and very detailed clothes, such as the folded skirt with real hebillas.

The best part? There are consistent examples for the game support sections! This is one of the flaws of EA and it is unfortunately a rarity, but it was suddenly included in Incheon Arrivals. The only drawback of this set is that the clothing is only for the young older public, but it acts as the elements of the set.

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