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As is the case with any game with a list of robust characters, is Double actors from the Skywalker saga The list will definitely contain a few more names than the ones you have heard of before. There’s no easy way to explain who said that to those who, meanwhile, were hoping to return to Lego Star Wars games, but we’ll do anything to list them.

With over 300 playable characters and many other NPCs that charlan distributed throughout the galaxy very, very quickly, the end result of this list of voice actors from Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga will surely be long and difficult to manage. Also, if you’re listening to a voice in Tatooine that you know you’ve heard before, but simply can not connect with another double actor, we’ve (thankfully) covered it.

Looking for more Lego Star Wars guides for the new launch? Check out our list of Skywalker Saga characters to see a digestible list of who you can play with. For further results, our Skywalker Saga code page can be unlocked without any real effort on its part.

All the voice actors in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga



AJ LoCascio Unconfirmed
Adam Diggle Unconfirmed
Adam Howden Unconfirmed
adrián edmondson Unconfirmed
Alec Newman Unconfirmed
Andrés James Spooner Unconfirmed
Andy Secombe Unconfirmed
angel macintosh Unconfirmed
antonio daniels C-3PO
antonio felan Unconfirmed
Arif S. Kinchen Unconfirmed
Beatriz Romily Unconfirmed
I’m Aldridge Unconfirmed
billy dee williams Lando Calrissian
Brian Bendito Unconfirmed
carolyn hansy Unconfirmed
catalina taber Unconfirmed
Cristóbal Fairbank Unconfirmed
christopher sciuref Unconfirmed
claire morgan Unconfirmed
clara corbett Unconfirmed
Colin MacFarlane Unconfirmed
corey burton Unconfirmed
daniel logan boba Fett
David agrees Unconfirmed
david holl Unconfirmed
david menkin Unconfirmed
Dee Bradley Baker Clone Soldiers (unconfirmed)
eduardo dogliani Unconfirmed
emily bevan Unconfirmed
emma ballatine Unconfirmed
emma standard Unconfirmed
erik loren Unconfirmed
eric meyers Unconfirmed
would say Unconfirmed
Fred Tatsciore Unconfirmed
Greg Grünberg Unconfirmed
Greg Proops Unconfirmed
griffin gray Unconfirmed
Gunnar Cauthery Unconfirmed
Helen Sadler Unconfirmed
hermione corfield Unconfirmed
Jaimi Barbakoff Unconfirmed
james arnold taylor Obi Wan Kenobi
James SobolKelly Unconfirmed
jamie bolardo Unconfirmed
jane perry Unconfirmed
janine harouni Unconfirmed
jason baughan Unconfirmed
Jay Laga’aia Unconfirmed
jessica henwick Unconfirmed
Juan Schwab Unconfirmed
joplin sibtain Unconfirmed
Josh Cowdery Poe Dameron
katie leung Unconfirmed
Kerry’s asshole Unconfirmed
Kevin Michael Richardson Unconfirmed
Kosha Engler Unconfirmed
Leeanna Walsman Unconfirmed
lewis macleod Unconfirmed
Luisa Patikas Unconfirmed
lucy montgomery Unconfirmed
Mary Teresa Creasey Unconfirmed
dobson brand Unconfirmed
food lantern Unconfirmed
Matthew Jacobs Morgan Unconfirmed
natalia invierno Unconfirmed
nathan osgood Unconfirmed
Nicolás Goh Unconfirmed
Nicolás Boulton Unconfirmed
nigel whitmey Unconfirmed
nina yndis Unconfirmed
Oni Uhiara Unconfirmed
Pedro de Jersey Unconfirmed
Phil La Marr Unconfirmed
ralph brown Unconfirmed
rebeca piedra negra Unconfirmed
summer ronan Unconfirmed
sam fink Unconfirmed
Sam Wiwer Unconfirmed
scott capurro Unconfirmed
shelby unge Unconfirmed
Silas Carson Unconfirmed
esteban kelly Unconfirmed
Stephan Stanton ben kenobi
steve agujas Unconfirmed
steven hartley Unconfirmed
tc carson Unconfirmed
tim beckman Unconfirmed
Timothy Watson Unconfirmed
tom kane Yoda / Qui-Gon Jinn / Admiral Ackbar
beckman Unconfirmed
willian roberts Unconfirmed

Here’s the current long list of Skywalker Saga voice actors that you can expect to listen to as you descend through the galaxy. The current list comes directly from the game credits. The rating lists are primarily marked as unconfirmed so far, simply because the credits do not show which characters the Skywalker Saga voice actors performed.

Any of the Skywalker Saga voice actors who have their characters on the list are not confirmed by the game in it, but are in line with the credits in the IMDB media database. Some Skywalker Saga voice actors listed on that page do not retain the game’s credits and as a result have been removed from the previous list pending proper verification.

Now the list we see is the most complete we can get by using the information about the game before launch. We will update you on how the voice actors in Skywalker Saga know each other. Already then we will start listing where you could have most listened to your work.

And that’s all there is to say about the voice actors in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga for now. If you like this kind of thing, check out our list of Cookie Run: Kingdom voice actors or even our list of Genshin Impact voice actors to see if anyone crosses over there. These two games have a lot to interact with.

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