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April 12, 2022: Honkai Star Rail’s beta filters have begun, and we’ve added a lot of new characters that are more than we know about their unique skills.

There was never a scheduled launch date, ours Honkai Level List: Star Rail could not be sufficiently realized. We’ve also already loaded a list of characters, their weapon types, their voice actors, and everything we know about Honkai: Star Rail at the moment.

Although the initial tests ended in early November, we still have not learned much about this game beyond what was announced at the beginning of last year. Without a doubt, what we do know is that it is a strategy role-playing game.

If you’re looking forward to this, but have not yet sent you to the series, we have many Honkai Impact codes to help it get started in the first game. We also have a list of Honkai Impact characters. And if you simply like strategy role-playing games in general, our AFK Arena level list and Cookie Run: Kingdom code guides can also help you in these universes.

Honkai Star Rail beta features

A bunch of characters showed up online over the weekend as a result of beta filters. The Hoyoverse filter, Ubatcha, removed the information shortly after, although we still have the names and some of the details.

Jing Yuan |

Weapon type: Swords

“He would sell at this place every year, every time he had a pair of new swords with him.

He paid his last visit to all the owners of the swords.

Thought for himself with penance every time he changed …

When will a forester with his sword be brought here?


Weapon type: Unknown

“Under the vigilance of the white lilies, the victim struck with his hands.

Sometimes you feel that you have underestimated the offer of this deal.

He got no more response than a cold thorn hitting his palm.

he shouted, clenching his fist. “


Weapon type: Unknown

Ubatcha did not have details about Kafka at this time.

The main character

There is also no information about the main character, other than what to choose between a male and female protagonist and apparently there will be different elemental affiliations over time.

All Honkai: Star Rail characters


Weapon type: Unknown

“Good, crew!” This world is the destination of our next pioneer expedition. “

Himeko, named Starward Explorer, is an adventurous scientist who met with Astral Express when she was a girl when she stayed in her world of birth.


Weapon type: Personal

“The galaxy is unparalleled and has an infinite number of possibilities. The destiny of an individual must not be limited to a single path determined by heaven ”.

The world is the former sovereign anti-entropy. Inherit the name of the world.


  • Weapon type: Arma de asta

“As we speak, there is goodbye all over the universe. The pain we share is real, but it has nothing special. “

Known as a mysterious passenger fleeing his past, Danheng is a young man swinging a spear known as the Cloud-Piercer. Served as train guard.

March 7

“Well, could you hear that?” Caused a little trouble and saved everyone! Thanks, March 7th! »

The self-proclaimed Super-Duper Awesome Girl, March 7, is as ambiguous as the name. It is said that she is an intelligent and peculiar girl who is “enthusiastic about all the things that excite girls her age”.


“Loyalty is not a virtue that lies in people. As such, the recipient of this loyalty must also be qualified. “

An upright and noble captain of the Silvermane Guard. This brave defender of the association bears the name of the old Cheetah family.


“Do not answer my question with another question. The answer is a yes or a no. I will not accept more!”

Seele is a brave member of Wildfire. He grew up in the dangerous Inframundo in Belobog and as a result is used to being alone. It is known as “The Windmill that Disguised the Storm”.


  • Weapon type: Unknown

“What do you want? Family? Do you want my family?”
“Don’t worry. While I’m here, they will be your family.”

The “bloody rabbit”, a young homeless man, Clara had to unite with the hunters to survive. She reactivated Robot Svarog, a relic of a previous civilization.


  • Weapon type: Unknown

“‘Turtle’ galaxies are those that slowly shed light on new stars. Those that consume their fuel reserves in an instant are the ‘hare’ galaxies.”

Astra, the Deep Space Observer, is a curious chief investigator of the space station. She has incredible achievements in astronomy.


Weapon type: Unknown

“Who am I?” Me, I’m the boss here, you can call me Pitch-Dark Hook the Great! »

Formally known as Pitch-Dark Hook the Great, Hook is the leader of The Moles adventure squad. It is said that he invites adventurers who stand out to unite with his team.

What is Honkai: Star Rail?

Honkai: Star Rail is the second environmental game in the Honkai universe after Honkai Impact 3rd. Instead of its predecessor action-RPG battle, Honkai: Star Rail is a strategy RPG that “takes players on a cosmic adventure through the stars” in Astral Express fiction through the endless wonders of the galaxy. It’s a lot of fat, and the trailer for the game itself does not help much. We will refresh this page the way we learn more.

When’s the next Honkai: Star Rail Beta?

The next beta version of Honkai Star Rail has not yet scheduled a date, but with the closing of registration on March 14, it will likely start a week after that.

When is the launch date for Honkai: Star Rail?

Originally expected to be launched before the end of 2021, not much was said about Honkai: Star Rail at the time of its original announcement. Given that the first closed beta test of the game ends in November, and the second promised test still does not have an availability period, it is safe to assume that Honkai: Star Rail is still a few months from launch. We suspect April for now.

Honkai: Star Rail voice actors

If some of the voices in Honkai: Star Rail seem familiar to you, then we’ve picked up the eight-character voice actors and where you can recognize them.



English double actor

Known by

himeko The court in cia League of Legends (Vi the Piltover Enforcer), Genshin Impact (Ogura Mio)
Roncha corey landis This program from the 70s (Young Red)
Danheng Nicolás Leung Atascado (starring)
March 7 Andi Gibson Hyrule Warriors: Era de la Calamidad (Impa)
Cheetah Bryson Baugus Attack on the Titans (Falco)
steel molley zhang Castigar (Mulan)
clara emily sun y dc douglas Resident Evil (Albert Wesker, played by Douglas)
Asta felecia angel Genshin Impact (Mona)

Instead of capturing the talent in the studio’s own Genshin Impact, the list of English Honkai: Star Rail voice actors has already grown (excuse the pun). With Albert Wesker from Resident Evil there and including Impa from The Legend of Zelda, there are some first-level talents ready to bring this world to life.



Japanese double actor

Known by

himeko Tanaka Rie The Impact of Genshin, Dr. Stone
Roncha Wakana Sawamura Attack of the Titans, DanMachi
Danheng it kent Otakoi, page of IdomasterM
March 7 kayo zenna Black Trébol, Assassin of Goblins
Cheetah furukawa makoto Kaguya-Sama: Love is War, Demon Slayer
Seele mai nakahara Honkai Impact 3rd, Azur Lane
clara Hidaka Rina and Yasumoto Hiroki The hero from the rise of the shield, Bleach
Asta Akasaki Chinatsu Jujutsu Kaisen, DanMachi, Scarlet Nexus

In addition to, of course, taking on the Genshin Impact list, the Japanese voice actors from Honkai: Star Rail offer French idols like The Idolmaster to violent shows like Attack on Titan. Talk about a problem.

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And that’s all we know about Honkai: Star Rail right now. Once again, Mihoyo has not revealed much (if anything) since the announcement of the game last October. As such, there is not much to add to this list of Honkai: Star Rail levels at the moment. With no restrictions, rest assured that when the game launches, this will be the best site to get all the ratings of your characters. Do not mark it as a favorite and thank you later.

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