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Ghostwire Tokyo by Bethesda and Tango Gameworks is a love letter to Japanese culture and all its folklore and myths, with players invited to a paranormal world and fighting to save it from total destruction. If you want to fight against visitors from the other world beyond the separate chapters of a realistic Tokyo, there will also be cases where you will be transported to the other side. If you ask about div Hyakki Yako locations in Ghostwire Tokyothis is what you need to know.

Hyakki Yako locations in Ghostwire Tokyo

These are random events that take place on the main streets of the open world, where a fantastic disappointment of visitors will descend through the streets. El Hyakki Yako goes like this:

Ghostwire Tokyo Hyakki Yako

The main paths that can cause the error are:

  • Shibuya revolutionary cross
  • Sakano Sanctuary
  • Mikubo sanctuary
  • Namihara Sanctuary

If you get too close, you will be transported to your arena and you will have to fight to survive. These defects are carried on the main roads and a revealing signal is the sound of drums and bells in the distance. Unfortunately, it has a very low generational rating, so it is possible that you will have to travel fast if you want to complete these events and store the weapons trapped in the arenas.

That’s all you need to know about it Hyakki Yako locations in Ghostwire Tokyo. For even more help with the game, be sure to search for dlprivate server or consult other guides such as

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