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Have you heard more Indian games news after last year’s big Xbox showcase? You’re in luck because Humble Games has just announced the next titles in its live catalog. If you lost it, you can see everything the publisher announced below.

The presentation began with emotion thanks to the announcement of Monegasque 2, the sequel to the so-called story game from Pocketwatch Games. Supposedly, sliding backs continue to be the focus of its second part, but there’s a new emphasis on the verticality of the procedurally generated screens, thanks to the visual style change to isometric 3D. It can be played solo and co-op, although we’ll probably take some time to try it out as it’s in an “early” stage of development.

Monaco 2.

Coral Islandthat was funded on Kickstarter last year, is a “farm simulator reinvented” according to its creators Stairway Games. As in other similar games, players can cultivate, build and form relationships (a community of 50 people is promised), but we also have a tower associated with the conservation of the oceans, associated with its tropical environment, in which the players will clean and protect nearby corals. Launch information is limited, but yes you can add it to your steam wishlist.

Coral Island.

Lunar scars is the work of the Moldavian studio Black Mermaid and is inspired as much by the Souls series as by the art of the masters of the Underworld, in a soul-impacting action sidescroller (I remember a lot of the wonderful Blasphemous from The Game Kitchen ) which will arrive on PC in the summer of 2022. Promised “desperation”.

Moon scars.

ghost song, developed by Old Moon, is a Metroidvania with a pastel color scheme and an extraordinarily soothing cifi art style, emphasizing “atmosphere and mystery”. The main character awakens from a long dream on the surface of the desolate moon of Lorian V, where he must descend below the surface to discover the secrets that await him… and a lot of things disappear in the process. Will be released on PC at an unspecified future date.

Ghost song.

After we left Signals, a kind of 3D action game with a retro art style inspired by titles like Flashback and Another World. It is a classic survival horror experience “filled with melancholy chemical mysteries” that puts the player in the shoes of Elstar, a replica engineer who must search for his lost dreams. Rose-Engine promises puzzles and pesadilla creations when Signalis launches on PC and Xbox this fall.


Infinite Guitars, by Niko Niko, is a rhythm and action RPG with the aesthetics of cartoons. It’s in a world devastated after a great war with the mechas. We can expect exploration, adventure, upgrades, and combat (based on rhythm and guitars) when it launches; there are no current dates or platforms.

Infinite guitars.

Chinatown Detective Agency, a cybernoir mystery from General Interactive Co., combines some of the classic point-and-click adventures with real-world investigations. Players will have to close the game and explore the real world to solve puzzles that will take us all over the world in search of criminals. Launches on PC, Xbox, and Switch on April 7.

Chinatown Detective Agency.

The iron oath Curious Panda Games is a turn-based tactical RPG “in which the fate of your mercenary company depends on your decisions”. We will lead a group of mercenaries who will have to find recruits, manage their operations and overcome dangerous missions in the land of Caelum to gain notoriety and obtain more contracts. It will enter Steam Early Access on April 19 and you will be able to try a demo.

The Iron Oath.

Finally, we can see a teaser for Stray Gods: The Musical Role Playing Game from Summerfall Studios. Originally known as Chorus: An Adventure Musical when it was crowdfunded in 2019, it’s new from Dragon Age creator David Gaider. As they say it’s “the narrative adventure part and the interactive musical part”. Focusing on the music (with the soundtrack by Austin Wintory), Summerfall spotlights the RPG elements of Stray Gods, promising dialogue with options, big decisions, and interactions with story-altering consequences.

wandering gods.

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