All details about Google Stadia, the streaming game platform with steroids

Google to get to know Stadium at its conference during GDC 2019. A platform that allows you to play AAA character titles on various devices such as over-the-counter computers, laptops or even mobile phones connected with a command, all under the Google ecosystem. Promise of launch 4K resolution, HDR y 60 FPSbut Iran is expanding the quality of its services to 8K resolutions y 120 FPS.

“The future of video games is not a console”

I will leave the conference in full later, but in advance it will be an hour and a half full of dust without giving details about the most important aspects (price, catalog, input layer), and where it will be known whether Stadia can succeed or disappear otherwise. .

Gambling as a service is already a reality, and this Google platform does more than confirm this. A project that seems to be quite fraudulent for game hardware developers is being realized, which needs to be completely reinvented.

The most notable of Google GDC 2019

  • Potential stages: 10.7 teraflops | 4K to 60 fps amplified launch in the future up to 8k and +120 fps and surround sound.
  • Stage features and functions:
    • Cross-platform
    • No cheats or hacks
    • Split screen without loss of return
    • Large number of players in games designed for Google Stadia. A real MMO.
    • Crowd-play allows viewers of a retransmission to quickly unite with the content creator’s game.
    • State Share allows you to share on social networks, email, YouTube or Discord photos or videos of a game, but in addition specific moments of a game so that another user can download it from that moment.
  • Stadium games and entertainment: Division led by Jade Raymond to create exclusive video games for the platform.
  • Price😕
  • Recommended connection: According to Richard Leadbetter from Digital Foundry, Google offers developers a way with the worst case scenario, where we start with the conditions we get with a 15mbps DSL connection. So it could be minimal connection for use Stadium.
  • Catalog: The games that will be available for launch, except DOOM Eternal, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, NBA 2K19, Rime and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, have not been revealed.
  • Latence: He promised to be down, but he did not show anything. Richard Leadbetter also shared some tests:

Latencia Stadium

Google Stadium launched in 2019 for the US, Europe, Canada and the UK. For the summer we will offer more information about the platform.

What do you think of the service?

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