All codes present in Kirby and the forgotten land

Kirby and the Forgotten Land have arrived and embark on a 3D adventure for the Nintendo Switch title ring for the first time. As you progress through the game, you will probably encounter some Current Kirby codes and the forgotten land, which can be blocked by some useful items in the game. In this guide you will find a complete list of all the gift codes so far and how to check them out so you can get your rewards.

Current Kirby codes and the forgotten land

Current code Rewards present
ADVENTURE GUIDE 1 stone rare
BRAWLING COLISEO 500 star coins, 1 attack potential
DRILL DEMO 300 star coins
FIRST CONTRASTS 100 star coins
GAME NEWS 1 stone rare
KIRBYAVENTURACALI 300 star coins, 4 meals
KIRBYGAMESTOPCAN 150 star coins, 1 tomato maxim
KIRBYMICROSITE (date 06/10) 150 star coins, 1 attack potential
KIRBYNEWSDESK (expires 25/4) 150 star coins, 1 energy drink
KIRBY’S HISTORY 300 star coins
KIRBYTHEGOOURMET 1 rare stone, 1 car mouthpiece
BOCA MODE (expires 25/4) 100 star coins
NEW ADVENTURE 300 star coins, 1 stone
thank you 1000 star coins, 1 stone

How to cancel current codes

To use codes found in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, unlock the Waddle Dee-Liveries building located in Waddle Dee Town. It unlocks once you have saved 50 Waddle Dees from the different levels of the game.

Once Waddle Dee-Liveries is unlocked, play with Waddle Dee off-screen and select the ‘Enter a Code’ option. Enter the codes above exactly as you see them (all in bold).

In addition, you can claim the rewards for each of the codes present in Kirby’s House, which is also found in Waddle Dee Town.

Now you have a complete overview of Kirby and the current codes for Forgotten Land.

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