all artifact modifications of season 16 (restored)

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen has arrived, and players can jump to the final expansion and begin solving the mysteries of Savathun’s Throne World and its Lucent Hive. With each new expansion also comes a new season; technically a separate company. If you’re here, you’re probably asking what all artifact modifications from season 16 are in Destiny 2: Season of the Risen. Here is the complete list of artifact modifications from season 16.

Note: there is a big change this season compared to others in Destiny 2. In fact, you can unlock all artifact mods over time if you work hard enough. You do not have to pick and choose between a limited number. You can still restore your artifact if you want to select different ones until you unlock them all, but over time you can use the modifications of desktop artifacts you want.

All artifact changes in season 16

Level 1 line mods

  • Barrier Exploration Rifle (1): Allows exploration rifles to pass barrage masters.
  • Overload Rounds (1): Allows automatic rifles and SMGs to deliver overload masters
  • Impable hand cannon (1): allows hand cannons to send to handicapped masters.
  • Piercing Bowstring (1): allows the arches to cross the barrier of the masters.
  • Unstable wrist rifles (1): Allows wrist rifles to defeat unstable masters

Level 2 line mods

  • Glaive Dexterity (1): faster preparation and storage speed for gladiver.
  • Rocket Launcher Scavanger (1): Launchers get additional reservations for heavy ammunition.
  • Psychological force I (1): increases the duration of the psychohack origin risk and the effect of the psychohack origin risk.
  • Melee Wellmaker (1): body-to-body final blow that generates elemental points that coincide with their subclass.
  • Punching with handguns (1): best precision, precision and objective ADS for handguns.

Level 3 line mods

  • Glaive Scavenger (1): Glaive receives additional reservations to recover the ammunition used by the glaive.
  • Thermocouple control (2): reduces sun and arc damage from incoming combatants.
  • Automatic rifle charger (1): faster charging speed for automatic rifles.
  • Font of Might (1): picking up an elemental position that coincides with the genius type of your subclass gives a temporary bonus to the weapon damage of the same elemental type.
  • Physiological Force II (1): increases the duration of the damage of origin of the earth tank and the effect of the damage of origin of the hoe brake.

Level 4 line mods

  • Unstoppable Glaive (5): Attacks at a glaive distance will end with weakened masters.
  • Lucent Finisher (6): Defeating Lucent Hive Lightbearer or Champion with your finisher will generate heavy ammo.
  • Glaive supresor (4): Damage the fighters with your glaive suprime and avoid using abilities.
  • Overload grenades (1): Empty grenades will target the overload masters.
  • Infernal thrashing (1): body-to-body skills set against weakened masters.

Level 5 line mods

  • Dominance of oppression (3): the effects of oppression created have a longer duration.
  • Ingestion of depths (3): Ingestion of depths: start your supertom while you are critically overwhelmed, otherwise the benefits of indulging will increase your damage with the super.
  • Volatile Flow (2): Collect a vacuum elemental hole or give fleeting rounds to your empty arms.
  • Energy Vampirsm (3): get energy to your least charged ability when you reach a goal.
  • Suppressive blindness (7): when a fighter suffers, there is also weakness, which only inflicts further damage for a short time.

That’s all you need to know about all changes to artifacts from season 16 and Destiny 2: Season of the Risen. For more tips, tricks, and answers to frequently asked questions, see our helpful wiki guide for Year 5 of Destiny 2.

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