Alice: Madness Returns returns to Steam five years later

Alice: Madness Returns, the American McGee title that adapts the universe of Lewis Carroll, has returned to Steam after being eliminated five years ago.

The game was removed from Valve’s listings in late 2016, due to verification issues by Electronic Arts. The game continued to be available in Origin, but users continued to want to keep it in their libraries, because of this the price of keys on the used market dropped exponentially. The game can be purchased at the price of 19’99 euros through this link.

It’s possible that the game’s return to Steam could also be seen with its recent launch on Xbox Game Pass on PC; however, it doesn’t appear that either novella contributes to a sequential hypothesis. The American McGee has already expressed, on numerous occasions, that despite wanting to make a new release, the future of the saga does not depend on him, and Electronic Arts is not interested, for the moment, in the return of the title.

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