Ali-A’s rule wants to support the next generation of content creators

Many people are eager to become the next big star on YouTube. Throughout his adult life, Alastair Aiken, best known as Ali-A, have lived this dream. With over 17 million subscribers on its main channel, it originally became famous with the Call of Duty game before switching to Fortnite.

The creator of UK content now wants to pass the money on to the next generation using a YouTube contest known as uTure. Along with a panel of hugely popular YouTube stars, ten contestants will be selected to compete in a series of disappointments and eventually win a $ 100,000 prize.

Take the opportunity to chat with Ali-A about this new company, and discuss inclusion, agitation and negativity in the YouTube area.

utura and representation

According to Ali-A, it is extremely important to ensure that uTure competitors represent a wide range of origins, identities and ethnicities, and this has been considered since the start of the project.

“It’s something we’ve been thinking about since the beginning. Yes, there are many white men who create games, but the juices are of different origins and are represented by different ethnicities from all over the world, ”says Ali.

Clearly, the creators of the program expect that this diverse collection of creativity will stand out among the contestants and enhance the diversity seen among the top content creators.

“We want to make sure everyone feels inspired and knows they can be good creators,” Ali says. “I am sure we will see a large number of fantastic people who will also be among the top ten in the program; it is very important to us’.

Protection of competitors

Online gambling can be a pretty scary place, and this is especially true for people in marginalized groups. Combined with the fact that the minimum age to apply for law is 13, I was preoccupied with the potential impact this could have on young people. The Internet is desperate, and if someone starts finding their place in front of a huge group of potential spectators, it could be the recipient of a rather catastrophic reaction.

Without hesitation, Ali-A seemed to repeat these expectations and wanted to implement the offered support and protection to the competitors.

“In the first phase of the program, nothing will be publicly oriented in terms of showing a large number of videos to the world. It’s just an opportunity to make a video so we can watch and meet the ten.” Best people to bring to the program ».

Once the program begins, the ten selected candidates will also continue to receive support from the judges and the YouTube team.

“When it comes to the program here, we will of course make sure that it is well attended, not only during the program, but also after the program. It is very, very important. Clearly, the orientation I can offer as someone who has lived in the online space and has been creating content for many years will be passed on to everyone in the program for many years to come. Juices will also be able to offer their support. So I guess the angle is not that I’m not afraid to create content. It is more of an opportunity to be enthusiastic about content creation, and that is what we are also going to achieve ”.

Ali-A is said to be in school

Creating content and YouTube can easily add to your life, just like any other work or passion. Even when you have a teacher role that does what you love, it is very easy to exaggerate. Aggression is common on YouTube and in content-creating spaces, and Ali-A talked to me about some of the moments in his 12 years of creating content where he was less motivated than usual.

“The advice I always give to the newest creators is that it is really exciting to get it all together and feel that you are really dedicating all your time and energy to creating content. But you should have a list of priorities here. If you are in school, make sure you do your homework, and then the free time you have can invest in content creation ”.

So it is, Ali-A agrees with your mother that you should end your day before jumping off the combat bus. Devastador: I will not show them to my fathers this article.

Without restrictions, it is definitely the key to Ali. Dedication to content creation can take full load and force other important things into another plan. He says: “You also feel better when you have all the right things you know you need to do. Then you can dedicate your free time to content creation, knowing that you do not have to settle down in the depths of your mind as you should. By the way, I always find time to hang out with my friends, with my family, with my wife, with my dogs and my phone calls ”.

But I end up with some tips that I really could have used at the beginning of my career, and some data that many could probably identify with.

“It is not necessary to consume everything to be successful. I think that’s a wrong concept. Leisure time is really important to have the energy and then go back to being hypercreative and concentrated ”.

Fortunately, uTure can follow the line of promoting and empowering new content creators without putting them in the center of attention without the tools they are preparing for what is to come. Being a professional content creator is a difficult and daunting task, but the ten successful competitors need colleagues and friends to help them with their future journeys, in addition to acquiring vital skills for all types of potential careers.

The uTure register is open until 7 May 2022 at 19.00 BST.

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