[Akan]The selling price of “iPhone 14 Pro Max” may be dangerous… Can Japanese people buy this?

iPhone 14 Pro Max selling price is 249,800 yen including tax, the highest ever?

Apple iPhone iPhone14ProMAX 1TB 249,800 yen Image related to the highest price ever -02

Based on the tweets of leaker Anthony (@TheGalox_), Notebookcheck has released iPhone14 Pro MaxThe selling price of the 1TB model is $ 1,699 (249,800 yen including tax)I expect it to be the most expensive iPhone ever.

A difference of $100 in the US is a difference of ¥15,000 in JapanIt is forehead.
Applying this as is,The selling price of the iPhone13 Pro Max 1TB model in the Japanese Apple Store is 234,800 yen including tax, so if the iPhone14 Pro Max is raised by $100, it may be 249,800 yen including tax.I can’t.

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250,000 www on the phone and replace it every few years www

If you pay this amount for your smartphone
Buy a Mac with better specs

It’s no longer at the level of selling things, grass

8 is fine for a while

12 people waiting for 14
But when will this depreciation of the yen end?

Wai 13pro max people, smiling

Remember when Apple PCs used to start at 300,000?

Economic growth is too slow and I feel like a nation in a developing country w
10 years from now it will be even worse

If you have 250,000 wwwwww on your smartphone, you’ll be amazed
Yaruo blows out Boo!

If it costs 250,000 yen for a smartphone, I’ll build a PC…
Husband who does not do it backwards cigarette counter

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