Akane Hizora: “Kimura Kyoko made a fuss based on the rumors about ‘My Favorite Child’ and caused trouble, so please apologize and correct it.”

■ Past articles
“Oshi no Ko” is on hearth, and Hana Kimura’s mom says, “Don’t treat Hana’s death like a free material.” of”
As a results of organizing the chronological order to see if “Oshi no Ko” and “Terrace House” are actually unrelated…
My favourite youngster, it ends with a gachi…
Anime “Oshi no Ko” episode 6 “Don’t you use the terrace house suicide riot as entertainment?” → Hana Kimura’s mom reacts “I despise you from the bottom of my heart.”

■ From Twitter

My daughter is crying within the shadow of the grass to see her mom like this

I believed that the tactic appeared acquainted, nevertheless it was like that…

We have that type of enterprise mannequin.

It’s a scene I’ve seen within the sinking incident on the peninsula (ーー;)

This is how Hakura-san is basically scary.
Haven’t they realized that from what Hakura-san mentioned and did prior to now?

I can not apologize = it is the identical as folks in that neighborhood.

If you’re pressured to cancel the printed, put together your self critically

I feel there are lots of individuals who say issues which might be troublesome to say and assume that they have been saved.
I really feel that the present flames is not going to subside until there may be an apology equivalent to “I was a little misunderstood” or “I was premature”.

I’m wondering if it is placed on the left-handed neighborhood…
I do not assume it actually issues.

When the left wing deceives folks
I really feel such as you’re telling a lie that is straightforward to know, like, “Because a lot of people in the world support it.”

It’s true that Kyoko Kimura’s opinion can also be unreasonable, however the fan’s morality is simply too merciless…
All the sources making noise like confirmed info are all info with imprecise grounds, which makes me sigh.
Claims based mostly on Mr. Kimura’s case are nothing greater than hypothesis, however conversely, whether or not or not it is truly groundless remains to be hypothesis.

Coming this far, it seems to be like the identical people who find themselves utilizing the bereaved household to revise the immigration regulation.

The persecutory delusion is now not a harmful man
Don’t face the sufferer’s bereaved household even for unrelated issues

I’ve been informed many instances to not burn my work…
I’m coming to hit the work by utilizing my useless youngster as a software…
People name it a human being…

I’m doing the identical factor my daughter did
I’m an expert wrestling fan and I’ve a crush on Kimura mother or father and youngster, however I do not assume that is the case
i really need you to apologize

It is alleged that the Asahi and a wierd lawyer are behind it.

It’s a sufferer’s household, so it isn’t good to be untouchable.

nicely that approach
It’s not my favourite youngster
If you actually say with out selecting phrases
It’s a proven fact that the mom ought to pay attention to the truth that she herself is the one who’s making essentially the most use of her daughter’s demise to look within the media.

Personally, I feel Mr. Kimura is the one who was impressed.
That’s why I ought to apologize actually, however I can not as a result of I will not do it.
Omoto thinks it is Kanbaru’s fault.

I do not know what a part of my favourite youngster jogs my memory of Hana-san.

Kyoko Kimura is simply too self-conscious
Mistakes must be corrected

identical vote
However, I do not know how one can say it in a quarrelsome approach…

All it’s important to do is pursue colabo

Has Mr. Hakura lastly participated within the favourite youngster downside…
You’re defending your favourite youngster with fairly sturdy phrases.

I’m wondering if “NPO Corporation Remember Hana” can also be suspicious…
This is getting difficult once more…

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