Aka Akasaka, the author of “Kaguya-sama wants to tell you”, to retire as a manga artist → However, “I have XX left for Kaguya-sama, so I want to deliver it in the best possible way.”

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Kaguya-sama wants to tell Akasaka Akasaka Manga artist Retirement Original story Activity Streamer Distribution Drawing My favorite child Long-term serialization End of series Young Jump Mengo Yokoyari

Regarding future activities,
Akasaka as a manga artist, this work will be the last
I’m thinking of choosing the form of retirement.

Even though I’m retiring, I’ll continue to work as a “manga artist who draws”
Once finished,He said he wants to concentrate on story production in the future.
I would like to continue working as an author.

At the end
Even though it’s overKaguya-sama has a big foreshadowing left behind.
We are doing our best to bring this to you in the best possible way.

I will try not to become a vain foot,
I would be happy if you could take a long time and look forward to it.

Sora, you’re saying that you’re drawing out of inertia without any motivation.

The demon slayer is completely retired, and I wonder if this is the work style reform for manga artists

Seriously… Well, even if the drawing is different from my favorite, Akasaka will still be the same.

Well, originally, my drawing ability is about average
I have a lot of ideas for the original work, and I want to put them out into the world efficiently.
As a fan, I hope

I don’t know about the author at all, but I appreciate the achievement of creating Shoki-chan, Hasaka, and Sister-chan.

You say you write the original
Well, if you want to draw, draw again
Did you also do streamer business?

Burnout Syndrome

It’s nice to be cleaner than Togashi

It’s also a good idea to slow down once you get hit

Thank you for your hard work, Aka-sensei!
I liked the visuals of the characters you drew, so it’s sad that I have to quit, but…
I’m looking forward to collecting hints about Kaguya-sama!
yaruo serious earnest

Feels like modern life
Well, I still have a favorite child, so I don’t think it’s going to be a reason to take it easy
For the time being, thank you for the 7 years and half a year
Husband who does not do it, arms folded, smile

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