AI painter, to the actual winner “I got a job worth several hundred thousand yen from a company!”

from twitter

It’s okay in case you reveal the quantity of labor…

What is the purpose of hiring individuals to AI painters simply to put in writing a proto?

↑ It appears painful to assume that it’s important to hit the gacha repeatedly till the image you ordered comes out.

How to make use of it in an irritating approach

Disclosure of the quantity is important in an effort to mount it on the rater

If you possibly can pay a whole bunch of 1000’s, why not ask a hand-painted artist?
Is it doable to make a whole bunch of such ranges?

Is it tens of 1000’s of strange painters?
I’m wondering if the AI ​​will make a whole bunch of 1000’s of image gachas for 100 sheets

If the supply date is brief and the variety of sheets is just too excessive and the penalty is excessive, I do not perceive
If you do not make it in time for the supply date, the contract for the penalty is good.

I do not know if what this man is saying is true, however in case you take a look at the unit worth, it appears to be less expensive, so it would not be unusual if an organization employed him got here out.

I’m jealous of the underside painter once more

Seriously… I’m wondering if there is a confidentiality obligation for this
Are you okay?
Yaruo PC Surprise Sweat

I do not care what the job is
What are the dangers of utilizing AI work?
Husband who doesn't do it, arms folded, sweat

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