[Ah]Overseas artist “Mario is Nintendo’s No. 1 character, so who is PS’s No. 1 character?” → Major controversy broke out

japanese gamer friends
good morning ☀ good morning ☀
you know what~
Mario is a Nintendo character
PlayStation Character No. 1 What is it 💧(˙˙*)?

*Lots of responses from Japanese gamers

PlayStation All-Star Battle Royale – PS3
Sony Computer Entertainment(2013-01-31T00:00:01Z)
3.6 out of 5 stars

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none, right?

In Japan, I think Toro Inoue or Parapper.
what if it’s worldwide

Morikawa-kun No. 2

Inoue Toro, PaRappa, or Piposal
I don’t know which one…

Heihachi Mishima or Nathan

Mumu Alien…

The thorn comment field
“Toro was a waste”, “If I had put more effort into growing it, it could have become a signboard.”
It was the state of Toro’s wake venue.


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