[Ah…]A collaboration project between “Uma Musume” and Meiji will start in December! → There is “Takenoko no Sato” in the campaign image, but there is no “Kinoko no Yama” wwwwww

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Image related to Umamusume Meiji sweets collaboration mushrooms bamboo shoots-02

This is a big win for the Takenoko faction

The Kinotake War had a taste, Meiji…

Mushroom hub and grass
We win! (Bamboo shoots)

Team happy never lose! ! ! ! !

no problem grass

I think it’s probably put on the Takenoko’s “Sato” and “Satono” diamonds.

↑ In that case[Yama]Ninzephyr will be next

Please excuse the 72% cacao where my favorite is… it’s too bitter to eat.

The reason there is no Kinoko no Yama is because it was a campaign idea when Yamanin Zephyr wasn’t there yet…

This is the beginning of the Meiji sweets life…

I recently switched to the mushroom school, but I’m going back to the bamboo school for Sato-chan’s sake.

Mushrooms are left behind…

oguri ate it all

Because Takenoko won the Granblue event

Mushroom faction is a daily activity

It’s tough to have different opinions

The Urusei Yatsura collab had nothing but Takenoko…we lost…

Are you saying that the conflict will never go away?

Seriously, there is a bamboo shoot village, but I can’t find the mushroom mountain.
After all, Uma Musume is also a bamboo shoots group and bamboo shoots are the strongest.

Hey, the information has not been lifted yet… I’m sure mushroom mountains will be added…
Husband who does not do angry trembling

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