Affordable – Strategy Guide (Quick and Easy)

Just a few things I learned from trial and error. What benefits were highlighted, what elements worked well, etc. The data in this guide applies primarily to normal severity.

Quick and easy strategy guide

Part of the guide

Before you start…

You must manually select each mosaic to travel if you want to be successful in this game. It was on the way that the automatic route would do the work in my first executions, which resulted in me being killed. Zigzag climbing a set of mosaics in the form of a ladder (6 mosaics) is much more energy efficient than climbing a mosaic with 5 tall mosaics (2 mosaics). In fact, it is also recommended to avoid risk tiles by manually returning to the tile.

My winning strategy

  • Journalist: has the best initial skill in the game, allowing you to ignore the weather as much as the risk factors. Best used for unavoidable night exploration with bad weather.
  • Accelerate the specialization in consumables + palate cordura in the use of consumables. This benefit allows you to ignore the weeds (free furniture) and easily maintain the cordon bar at the same time.
  • Passive energy booster + Transmitter stick + 2 types of boots = Most effective energy booster on dry land and 1 tile lift. I was on the third mountain and was able to climb the next 2 days thanks to this fuel efficient construction.


If you do not have an oxygen tank when you encounter the Death Zone, your chances of supervision are very small. This is the most dependent part of the RNG of execution.

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