Advice for “Splatoon 3” from a big-name Spragachi manga artist is a hot topic as it’s really helpful for strategy! + Famous manga artists are gathering in Supra wwwwww

A style that wins all five races in Wakaba.
The armor of the previous work was also strong,
In Splatoon 3, barriers make it easier to move forward, and the ability to collect hate is strong.
Kids, don’t get me wrong Splatoon is a coloring game.
It is natural that Wakaba is strong with strong paint.
It’s frustrating, but I can’t help it.
Hate Company ■ Heaven should apologize!

Areas are objects that do not move.
Fighting is not as complicated as other rules.
I think that it is suitable for beginners to learn the basics of Gachima.

The important thing in the area is to keep pace with allies,
Above all, don’t die.
Basically, I think it’s better to be conscious of reducing deaths rather than taking many kills.
Hate Company ■ Heaven should apologize!

S+ style to be promoted.
Wakaba in Splatoon 3 is pretty easy to use.
It is no exaggeration to say that it is a strong weapon in the current environment.
Wakaba is the strongest! Wakaba is the strongest!
Hate Company ■ Heaven should apologize!

Manga artists gathering in Splatoon 3







Gdyaty M




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grass with serious advice

Manga is placed in the splatter-related corner

I know manga artists use Twitter because it’s work-related.
Even the player name of the game appeals to the manga artist
too much self-disclosure

Karameru is writing squid, yeah

It’s a high rate of fucking gear for a guy who’s good at drawing
Are you really here to play?

◯◯◯ What I hate
Can I report you just because you don’t like me?

manga artist! VTuber!
It’s over, this square

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