Activision Blizzard is already on the side of Geforce Now and could work on its own gaming platform in Nube

A few days ago it was announced the port is in motion at the global level of Geforce nuthe game system through streaming developed by Nvidia which can be used on PC, Mac, Nvidia Shield or any Android device. The obvious advantage of Stadia is being able to play all the games in our libraries and collaborate code by code with each editor, but Activision Blizzard seems to have its own plans.

As we can read in the official forum for Nvidia, Activision Blizzard has requested that they be removed from the serviceto be able to begin as the end of this movement, preparing its own gaming platform in the cloud, has entered into another agreement with Stadia, which simply wanted more money.

From now on, you will not be able to play through Geforce Now company games so popular Call of Duty The Blizzard game icons; Diablo, Wow u Overwatchto quote some.

Communication continues to add messages to users who sing “the lost”, hundreds of games are currently supported and there are more than 1,500 games that developers have ordered to be included in the service.

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