Activision Blizzard entrusts EE quality control evaluators. UU. in full-time employees

After months of unrest, Activision Blizzard has announced that all of its quality control evaluators (QAs) are based on EE. UU. will be transformed into full-time employees of the company. Quality Control Evaluators will join Activision Blizzard as a full-time employee on July 1 with a salary of $ 20 per hour.

Here is a statement about the news from Activision Blizzard, courtesy of VGC:

“Today we are announcing the conversion of all members of the temporary quality control team and contingents from Activision Publishing and Blizzard with headquarters in EE. UU., About 1,100 people in total, will be permanent full-time from 1 July”.

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Activision Blizzard full-time quality control testers

Unfortunately, Raven Software’s quality control evaluators have decided to syndicate to the Game Workers Alliance and will not receive any further increases. say a voker Jason Schreier from Bloomberg that syndicated quality control evaluators will not receive an increase “because of our legal obligations under national employment law”.

It is clear that the Executive Order received a mixed reception due to the exclusion of these benefits for syndicated quality control. It’s likely that more details will be available from Game Workers Alliance or even Activision Blizzard, so we’re aware of the extent to which the story continues to evolve.

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