According to reports, Ubisoft is attracting acquisition interest

By 2022, massive purchases appear to have become the norm in the gaming industry.

Microsoft is already buying Activision Blizzard, or Sony is adding Bungie to its group of students, we live in a golden era of big purchases, and it looks like French editor Ubisoft may be the next in line.

This is according to reports from Bloomberg and Kotaku, who reported that several private equity firms are trying to explore the possibility of buying Ubisoft, even though no official agreement has yet been reached.

Ubisoft will attract acquisition interest

This news comes when Ubisoft is dealing with a number of issues, including operating costs and production issues, in addition to the continuing consequences of the discrimination and sexual harassment scandal that has plagued the company in recent years.

This unfortunate quote may mean that one of the interested parties, Blackstone Inc. and KKR & Co. according to Bloomberg, the editor can be purchased at a discount, the same as Microsoft did with Activision Blizzard, which also went on strike in January.

Of course, neither side of a potential deal is available to say anything at this time, as so many Blackstones as KKR have declined to comment on the reports, and Ubisoft itself issued a statement to Kotaku saying: “we do not comment rumors or speculations.

Another factor that could possibly make Ubisoft a good candidate for the acquisition is its actual property and management structures, which have long turned the Guillemot family around, and CEO Yves Guillemot initially avoided a hostile acquisition in part. the French media company Vivendi in 2018.

Not surprisingly, now that Guillemot’s son and heir, Charlie, will leave the company in 2021, and many other key figures have also emerged after the scandal, Kotaku sources speculate that the CEO may also be looking to leave.

So while nothing has been confirmed at this point in the day that CEO Guillemot included uncompromisingly during the company’s recent earnings call, this certainly looks like a place to look for the future.

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