Accel World vs. Sword Art Online Deluxe Edition is now available on Steam

Accel World vs. Sword Art Online Deluxe Edition combines the best of both series

BANDAI NAMCO is now available to users of the PC Accel World VS Sword Art Online Deluxe Edition, which can be purchased in digital format on the Valve platform.

Based on popular homonymous novels, Accel World VS. Sword art online combines the best of both series in a JRPG with a story supervised by Reki Kawahara himself, author of these two award-winning anime and master of the genre of technological fantasy. Step into the exciting interdimensional universe of Kirito and Black Lotus in an epic battle to save your favorite AI, Yui.

The layout game as you begin to merge the walls between Black ALfheim (the interface available in the massive online multiplayer role-playing game virtual reality game Sword art online) and the accelerated world (online massively multiplayer augmented reality fighting game). In the midst of the confusion, Kirito and Asuna Yui lose sight as Black Lotus attacks them. It is easy to assume that we need to immerse ourselves in this new and changing virtual reality in order to save Yui everywhere.

Play with Kirito, Asuna, Yuuki, Leafaor any classical character of SAOin an environment where the virtual world is disconnected and accelerated. Challenge the Black Lotus, Silver Crow, Scarlet Rain and with the rest of the seven kings of the pure color of the accelerated world and rule over your friend’s paradise. Fight to save her and the world as you know it through the French land-air exchange battle system SAO, where you can select groups of three characters to meet the final elite. Combine and save grades from Accel World y Swords Art Online, and switch between them in real-time adrenaline rush battles.

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Survive the sky with ALO characters to perform air strikes against opponents go into danger, use magic to maintain the advantage, and change weapons depending on your destination. Choose yours Burst Linkers favorites and accelerates to surprise the enemy, or give a giant leap to enjoy battle scenes in the air that violate the law of gravity.

Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of thirty playable characters to create the perfect team and take up the fight against your beloved Yui from the evil warriors of Personna Babel.

Accel World vs Sword Art Online Deluxe Edition too as the “Castaway from Another World” expansionwhich allows players to use additional characters, new weapons and enter an infinite duration mazmorra with new levels to turn.

Players can choose from over 40 characters and also participate in online challenges to compete in a “player against player” duel or to carry out collaborative missions.

Content from Accel World VS Sword Art Online Deluxe Edition

  • Play Accel World VS Sword Art Online
  • Extension “Castaway from Another World”
  • New playable characters: Alice, Eugeo and Oberon.
  • Access to the infinite mazmorra: This space creates randomly generated scenes and in an infinite way with a level head on each floorincluding two new enemies Diabolos y Panópticon.
  • The emergence of new characters: Personna Vabel, Graphite Edge and Heathcliff
  • New PvP missions.
  • Additional weapons.

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