Abilities, weapons and more from Tower of Fantasy Shiro

El Tower of Fantasy Shiro simulacrum gives its group the power of an ingenious scientist, though sometimes a little one-sided. Shiro loves the sea and even found a way to turn seawater into a defensive weapon, but I do not expect to have many conversations with her about anything else. Although he may seem too busy to take up the fight, his abilities with one chakra have no equal.

This Tower of Fantasy guide covers what we know about Shiro so far, including how to get the character, what abilities he has, and the only weapon he can use.

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Who is Shiro in Tower of Fantasy?

The official description of Samir describes it as follows:

Talking about the sea is practically the only way to have a conversation with this scientist focusing on locks. Transformed a key equipment into a desalination device into a defensive weapon that is resilient and resilient.

How to get Shiro in Tower of Fantasy

However, the creator of Tower of Fantasy did not have much information about how the game’s gacha system works, although according to the videos of the game from the original launch in Chinese, it seems that the simulation (characters, in plain language) is at. at least one cosa. you want to pull through.

If so, expect some trial and error before starting Shiro successfully. The Tower of Fantasy site includes it, along with Meryl and a few others, as protagonists, so it can be part of a free set of simulations that you can win after starting the game.

What are Shiro’s skills in Tower of Fantasy?

We still do not have solid information about the names of Shiro’s abilities, but a video of the Chinese launch game shows his chakram in action. Its basic attack combination balances the two chakras forward and generates continuous waves of energy in the form of chakras rising and regressing.

Shiro also has some kind of charged ability that apparently creates a small explosion of energy in front of it, and has a unique ability to close a small area and send multiple energy circuits exploding from one side to the other, which damages the interior of the enemies.

Everything that has its own set of motions seems to be well adapted to turbines and crowd control.

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