Abilities, weapons and more from Tower of Fantasy Meryl

El Meryl’s fantasy tower simulacrum unlocks the memories and abilities of a warrior without equal and master of ice. Meryl was once the captain of a great power and learned to separate his emotions. What he can do in honesty compensates him with growth on the battlefield, where his huge hail passes over the enemies.

This guide covers what we know about Meryl so far, including how to get the character, what skills she has and the only weapon she uses.

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Who is Meryl in Tower of Fantasy?

Meryl’s official description says:

Senior officer from Hykros, who excelled in the most dangerous missions thanks to his excellent skills in fighting and fighting with swords. Keep distance from everyone and hide your feelings from them, but that does not mean you do not have feelings.

How to get zero in Tower of Fantasy

However, the creator of Tower of Fantasy did not reveal much information about how the game’s gacha system works, although according to the videos from the game from the original launch in Chinese, it seems that the simulation is at least one thing you want.

If so, expect some trial and error before shooting Meryl successfully. The Tower of Fantasy site counts along with a few others as the main characters, so Meryl can be part of a free set of simulations that players will receive after starting the game.

What are Meryl’s skills in Tower of Fantasy?

We still do not have solid information about the names of Meryl’s abilities, but a segment of the game presented to the fascinated captain shows some of the abilities in action. Its standard movement appears to be a sword cut with ice.

You can also sum up Claymore on the floor and generate an explosion of crystals in a circle around it. Most of Meryl’s attacks seem to have launching potential, launching enemies through the air, where they continue to attack with air strikes.

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