[AB acquisition turmoil]Microsoft “FF16 and Silent Hill 2 will not be released on Xbox. They are monopolized by Sony.”

Microsoft states Final Fantasy 16 and Silent Hill 2 Remake is not going to come to Xbox consoles


According to the article

・The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) filed an antitrust lawsuit in opposition to Microsoft’s $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

In response to the FTC lawsuit, Microsoft argued that “prominent” video games have been banned from being launched on the Xbox and are unique to Sony’s PlayStation.

・Microsoft paperwork state that“Sony not only has complete exclusive content, but has arrangements with third-party publishers that require them to ‘exclude’ Xbox from the set of platforms on which these publishers can distribute their games.”,“Prominent examples of these deals include Final Fantasy VII Remake (Square Enix), Bloodborne (FromSoftware), the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI (Square Enix), the recently announced “Silent Hill 2 Remake” (Bloober group), and many others.is described as

・In latest months, there was appreciable offense and protection between the 2 firms.This article could come as a little bit of a shock

For instance, within the case of Silent Hill 2 Remake, we knew Sony had a 12-month console exclusivity interval, however we thought it might be rolled out to different consoles after the exclusivity interval ended. is.But Xbox suggests in any other case

So far, not one of the warring factions have made a agency assertion as as to whether Silent Hill 2 Remake or Final Fantasy XVI will come to Xbox Series X.

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