A woman (6) who began “Pokemon SV” provides ridiculous nicknames to Pokemon wwwwww

■ From Twitter

Pokemon Pokemon AV Girl Image related to Nickname-02

Let’s name Leafeon lettuce

It’s the identical as me who’s calling the grass lol

Grass → Because it is inexperienced?
Buhi → Because it is a pig design?
Tarantula → Speaking of spiders, is it a tarantula?
Persimmon → Because it’s formed like a persimmon and has many orange components?
Because I knew it was associated to Puri → Pudding?
Or → a wild chook?

A monster scouted within the Monsters sequence may have a reputation like this

I really like you to loss of life

I’m actually curious that “ya” is not simply two letters

Grass is straightforward to know

I’m actually having fun with it and it makes me smile lol
I like the easy title “Kusa” lol
yaruo pc joy laughter

If this child have been to offer you a nickname, it might be “Pig” or “Fat”
Husband who does & husband who doesn't do Husband who doesn't open mouth Husband who does sweat


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