A tweet that makes it clear how much Nintendo is a god company wwwwww

■ From Twitter

It’s clear that Nintendo is a great company.
Compared to that, Niconico…

(I am an online member)

I forgot if it was Konami or Namco or Bandai
Nintendo treats you with sincerity while selling your work, but they won’t stop you even if you sell it to another company.
That’s why I’m skeptical that I was the only one who was serious
I remember talking like a troublesome ex-girlfriend

There was a time in the past when some cell phone company gave a high reward to a person who created a fucking system that kept asking questions such as “Do you want to cancel?” “Do you really want to cancel?”
The reality is that if you are detained, it will be like, “I’m ready to break up, so let’s get this over with.”

This is me when I withdrew from Lastrum’s mobile fan club yesterday

Compared to that, Amapura-kun’s effeminate…

It’s hard to cancel the continuous service in the world or it’s too much to hold back

As expected of Nintendo!
Loved by everyone with a new design!
Congrats to my husband who won't do it Think with common sense!

Compared to…
Husband who does Husband who doesn't face Talk Serious

Oh! ?
What does that compare to! ?
Husband who does chase Husband who doesn't run away Sweat

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