A total of more than 1 million copies and a popular light novel author who is currently planning an animation release reveals his annual income “This is about the top 5% of all novelists.You have no dreams, right?”

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Does a novelist who sells that much only make an annual income of around 10 million…
Novelists have absolutely no guarantee that they will continue to earn that annual income in the future…
In a way, it’s an unstable profession like a member of parliament w

Even if you say that…
too amazing to see from below

If I knew how much a sole proprietor earning 10 million a year pays national health insurance and resident tax every month, it wouldn’t be a dream at all……

I think being able to eat what you like is worth it as a dream, but…

Moreover, life does not end in one year, so in order to live as a full-time writer, even if it is a percentage of this income, it is necessary to maintain it for ten or twenty years.

It’s not that I don’t have dreams, it’s just that I’m worthless
I can’t help it because I’m a mass-produced type of novelist

It sure is dangerous,,,,
The month that you can’t get even if you’re planning to make a million copies of the anime is at the level of a part-time job…
That’s why everyone writes light novels as a side job

To be honest, from the bottom of my heart, I’m so jealous that I’m at a level where I can work hard on what I like and make it into an anime.
Yaruo Tears Dova

>The top 5% (?) of all novelists, so to speak, director-class light novel writer

The percentage of annual income of 10 million or more in Japan is about 5%, so it’s almost there… but I’m worried that there will be fluctuations every month.
It’ll become even more popular after it’s made into an anime, and I’m sure there’ll be a merchandise release, so I’m sure you’ll get more out of it.
Husband who doesn't do cigarettes

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