A special program “PlayStation Stars” where you can get various digital items starts today! If you raise the level, the priority of customer support will also rise wwwww

PlayStation Stars bonus program for PS4/PS5 started in Japan.Earn points and level up to prioritize customer support

SIE PlayStation Stars PlayStationStars Level 4 Customer Support Image related to Priority Information-02

Sony Interactive Entertainment launched PlayStation Stars in Japan on September 29th.

PlayStation Stars is a loyalty program for PS users.You can get points and digital items according to play etc.Any user can participate in the program regardless of whether they have a PS Plus subscription or not.

Interesting is the level 4 perk.In addition to being able to obtain various digital items,When contacting PlayStation customer support, the chat order is “prioritized”It says.

SIE PlayStation Stars PlayStationStars Level 4 Customer Support Image related to Priority Information-03

People who are playing are given higher priority when responding to inquiries.

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Sony “Priority of support will be lowered for those who do not drop money!”

customer support priority wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Honestly, that would be funny, but…

It’s grass to change the support priority
In this day and age where there are many people who can’t buy PS5 and are moving to PC, is Sony okay? ?

The inequality of support is bad. What happened, SIE, to become a money wreck like Apple…

Raise the priority of ps5, not the priority of customer support

If the PS5 lottery becomes advantageous, I will desperately level up.

It’s laughable that the priority of support goes up lol More than that, increasing the number of PS5 supplies
Husband who doesn't do it

Husband who does Husband who doesn't Husband who does Husband Tsukkomi Spahn

It looks like a set up for resale measures! Take advantage of this and let me buy PS5 preferentially!
Yaruo Cosplay GK Universe   

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