A sound game that massages girls whose release was postponed on the switch, the title has been changed and distribution starts on PC (Steam) wwwwww

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[Sad news]A massage game like the example of the Nintendo switch, as expected, a woman will make a gyaoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

[Sad news]”Massage Freaks”, a game that massages beautiful girls, will be postponed…

The title of the rhythm game “Massage Freaks” for Nintendo Switch, whose release was postponed, has been changed and will be distributed for PC (Steam) from August 1st.

In addition, it seems that it is necessary to apply a separate patch to play with some extreme expressions lifted.

Blowing away in the out direction with Steam specialization

I bought it because Massage Freaks was crushed

too strong ww

Power up and come back w

A title that seems to be a reference to Guitar Freaks has changed to a title that seems to be a reference to Beatmania…

It’s early to do it w Greedy good company

I thought there would be a PC with a patch, but it’s too fast

Those who buy this sort of thing will buy it, and those who don’t buy it won’t buy it.

Then don’t sell on Switch from the beginning
Your sins that made the claimant rise up are heavy.

It looks like the Steam version will be rejected, so I thought DLSite and DMM would be fine from the beginning.

what the hell is this game

For example, the game that became a hot topic, the name was changed and it was released on Steam.
It’s too early to switch after being turned NG by the switch www
Yaruo PC Boo!

After all, PC is the strongest game hardware ()
Husband who does not do white eyes

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