A remake of Colossal Cave Adventure has been announced

Sierra On-Line founders Ken and Roberta Williams are working on a remake of the Colossal Cave Adventure manual, originally published in the 1970s.

This new release will be titled Colossal Cave 3D Adventure and will be a first-person 3D adventure designed for PCs and VR devices, with more of those scenes and lots of puzzles that are intertwined in our search for treasure. .

Colossal Cave Adventure was developed by Will Crowther and went public in 1976, becoming one of the industry’s first great classics and based on which later released titles like Zork, Rogue or Mystery House, the first game of Williams and considered the first adventure chart in history, since its release in 1980.

Obviously Ken and Roberta Williams are best known for their work in Sierra, a company they founded in 1979. They will work on King’s Quest, one of the legendary sagas of the graphic adventure genre, in the adaptation of El Cristal Oscuro or even in Phantasmagoria. , for example.

Both had retired from the industry a few years ago, but started working on Colossal Cave 3D Adventure during the global coronavirus pandemic shutdown.

Ken himself explained that “I was looking for something interesting to program when Roberta said Colossal Cave”. The idea came up and “Roberta started working on adapting it to 3D, and I joined a team. As we go deeper into the game, we discover layers of complexity that explain why it’s become a phenomenon in the industry”.

“It has action elements, humor, a scoring system, adventure elements, interesting characters, a great world to explore and so much more. It is truly a game that the new generation will enjoy , and totally unlike anything I’ve seen on the market today.”

Williams’ new studio, Cygnus Entertainment, plans to release the Colossal Cave 3D adventure this summer, with versions for PC and for Oculus Quest 2.

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