A popular overseas streamer charges more than 2 million yen for “Diablo Immortal” and gets a super rare item! → After that, it will take a shocking action wwwwww

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Finally released “Diablo Immortal”, it turns out that it is necessary to “charge more than 14 million yen” or “play for about 10 years without charging” to fully strengthen the character …
Popular commentator, the result of charging 880,000 yen for a smartphone game wwwwww
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An overseas streamer who spent more than 2 million yen on Diablo Immortal.Remove character after finally getting 5 gems

Alien Streamer Quin Diablo Immortal 2,000,000 Yen Billing Character Image related to deletion-02

New Zealand streamer Quin, who has continued to distribute “Diablo Immortal”, charged NZD 25,000 and got his first ★5/5 rank gem.

andAfter that, I deleted the character I was using so far and uninstalled Diablo Immortal.


“Everybody should delete their accounts and quit this fucking game,” Quin said in a stream that deleted characters.

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I’m sorry
I don’t know any good games like this

I’m wondering if I should delete Diablo III as well.

I laugh with vigor

From Blizzard’s point of view, it feels like thank you for 2 million
Do an anthology without paying

In short, the distributor hit a publicity advertisement for 2 million yen.
If you were streaming every day during the 17-day playing period, you would be able to pay if you earn about 130,000 yen per day.

I don’t think it’s necessary to make a name for yourself because you’re such a famous streamer in your neighborhood.
I simply like the Diablo series, so I guess I’m good at making games like this.

If quin isn’t a fan of yellowtail, then who is a fan of yellowtail lol

People who say it’s just an advertisement probably don’t know quin

I just want the story to end
The operability of the PC version is not good in some places and motivation is reduced

degreeTake money from idiots and make it a dia4 god game

It’s too strong to delete a character wwwwww It’s like throwing 2 million yen down the drain wwwwww
Yaruo blows out Boo!

I’m glad I didn’t release Immortal because it would only make the image of the Diablo series worse.
I hope D4 is a god game…

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