A person standing in line to buy Pokemon cards at Yodobashi collapses and is rushed to the emergency room…

Cho Σ(*゚Д゚*)
It seems that people collapsed due to the Pokéka queue congestion at Yodobashi Umeda❗
It’s not at the level of selling things

Pokemon Card Game Pokéka High Class Pack VSTAR Universe
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Reactions to this article

Even though there is nothing, everyone runs the moment the store opens
You can’t win if you’re conscious of manners and morals
I will go if I decide to go no matter how sick I am

It’s so popular

Unwell (゚д゚) Ha!
If the person who collapsed is a corona positive person, it is a close contact person😇
(Simply waking up early to participate in the contest? Lack of sleep due to staying up all night,
It’s crowded, so it’s probably drunk.)

It’s all the reseller’s fault.
May there be many mice in the house of the reseller

Come on TV morning grass
what kind of news is it used for

Originally fun to play, collect and enjoy
It’s becoming a money-making tool
really really sad

Bet your life on Pokéka.
It’s not a toy to play with.
This line came out in my head


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