A new SHIB website has been launched to block tokens for Shiba Metaverse

The new SHIB.io website has been launched to allow potential owners of Shiba properties to block LEASH and Shiboshi in preparation for the upcoming sale of Shiba Lands.

Announced for the first time in the latest SHIB update: The Metaverse, Shiba’s new website will host several future SHIB products. It will also facilitate the sale of land.

Here’s a look at Shiba’s new website and its Locker feature.

SHIB.IO is on the march

After being the subject of burglars below Binance AMA with the Shiba team, Milkshake, a member of SHIB Growth, confirmed the launch of SHIB.IO.

Previously, the site only showed a picture of a Shiba Inu dog with an English key in its mouth. It will now display the LEASH and Shiboshi Locker features. These cabinets are essential for those who want to be among the first to buy virtual real estate in Shiba Metaverse.

With up to 200 countries available to bid / buy direct, those who want the upper end must keep the maximum amounts of LEASH and for as long as possible. In this case 5 CORREAS for 90 days. Users can also block up to 10 Shiboshi NFTs.

LEASH and Shiboshi exclusivity is the first phase in the sale of Shiba Metaverse property. It will eventually open to the public after an auction and another phase of the purchase.

In Binance AMA, Shiba team member Archangel also told potential owners about using a MetaMask ticket. He said:

If you do not have a MetaMask ticket set up, you should definitely set it up today if you are interested in buying Tierras. Only these can use MetaMask as a ticket because it is not Trust Wallet or Coinbase Wallet. Only MetaMask for NFT country.

We still do not have launch dates for SHIB: The Metaverse or land sales, but preparations are increasing. The interactive map of Metaverso will soon be launched on the website. Meanwhile, SHIB says it will soon unveil the AAA studio it incorporated to help with the art behind the metaverso project.

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