A new campaign on IndieGoGo is looking for funds to reclaim the Marvel Heroes Omega

How do Chinese people exploit players’ fanaticism?

The past year Marvelthrough Disney, cesaba his relationship to Gazillion entertainment and provoked the closure of the free-to-play MMORPG Marvel Heroes Omega.

“We have a lot to report Gazillion entertainment it will close, “he tweeted.” The company would like to thank its fans and employees for the support they have received over the years of development and online service. “


But today’s news did not disappear, as a result of which a new IndieGoGo campaign called “The Renaissance of Marvel Heroes” was created by a group called Paragon Institutea 501 (c) (3) non-profit ‘favorable’ organization that wants to buy IP Marvel Heroes Omega with a flexible initial metawill say it receive funds even if it does not reach its goal between $ 450,000 and $ 900,000 that allows them acquire the intellectual property, cover due diligence and legal costs, obtain the necessary support from third parties to rent the selected game and restore the game for use.

Once the necessary funds have been raised, they will be used to finance ElderMage Studios “As a training lab to connect experienced professionals with hopes of game developers,” he commented on the campaign, including a secondary mission to “preserve games that are no longer compatible so that licensed ones can follow them.”

The program has three options:

  • Maintain the game as it is in partnership with Disney and Marvel if the license is required.
  • Create a new game with a universe of superheroes all references to Marvel interruptedwhat a face wash is practically but does the same game.
  • Take advantage of the platform to build a whole new game.

We intend to implement a new concept on how ElderMage Studios works, based on the experience of the open source code community. Those who actively support this campaign will be offered the opportunity to vote in “community surveys” that will help drive our design, development and operating environments. We will actively try to open the code to the participants so that they can learn and contribute. And let’s work with our community of players to include unique content generated by the community. In addition, we do not seek proof of acquisition.

We’re looking for them donation potentially tax free to help make this a reality. Ayudaras?

I have no reason to say this is scam, but honestly it makes me feel pretty down. They themselves say that “there are commercial reasons that led Disney to cancel their deal with Gazillion; this avoids later use of Marvel characters and lines of argument. Without embargo, Marvel might be willing to partner with another company“What it means to understand that no one will speak.”

With the sentence; “The former players have started a petition asking Disney to do just that; the petition has more than 3,800 player signatures and continues to apply.” This leads me to assume that he has seen a potential pool of players (3,800 and up) who supports the game and wants to get rid of it.

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