A mysterious super-expensive recreation that prices 220,000 yen seems on Steam → The content material is simply too unclear wwwwww

A high-priced recreation “The Hidden and Unknown” that prices 220,000 yen has appeared on Steam, what sort of content material is it? -GIGAZINE

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A recreation that’s too costly to price 220,000 yen per recreation“The Hidden and Unknown”has been launched on Steam and is attracting consideration.

The content material is a semi-autobiographical visible novel of the developer, Mr. TheProfessional“I don’t want anyone to be in financial trouble.” “I just put a price that I feel is right for me.” “I don’t want to sell my life cheap.”and discuss pricing. once more,We don’t suggest buying the sport for many who can not afford it.

At the start of The Hidden and Unknown recreation, the next subtitles will proceed to move for eight minutes.ContentsIt explains the vitality imbalance between women and men that declining testosterone is making Western males infertile and girls have gotten an increasing number of masculine, finally resulting in the top of the warfare.That’s proper.

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PC Gamer, who truly performed The Hidden and Unknown, mentioned, “The story is a collection of anecdotes from Brian’s adolescence, likely drawn from the author’s own turbulent life experiences. However, most is commonplace,” he said.Additionally, SteamIt is identified that there are numerous low evaluations in opinionsdoing.

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It’s for YouTubers with cash.

It was a cash laundering case

Even the so-called AAA titles that spend cash like idiots cannot be a enterprise if they do not promote for this a lot cash.

model that evokes

It have to be a product for members of non secular or comparable teams.

The degree the place you should purchase one gaming PC

Someone please purchase this, play it and evaluation it!

Spoiling 220,000 novel video games

What the heck
Declining testosterone will finally result in the top of the warfare…?
I do know what you are speaking about
Yaruo PC sweat thin eyes

I really feel like I’m studying a philosophical e-book fairly than a recreation…
As anticipated, nobody will purchase 220,000 yen.
Husband who doesn't do Guess face counter

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