A man who came to a consumer electronics mass retailer saw a child grabbing the “Splatoon 3” software with a big smile and smiled unintentionally → The punchline is too cruel, 45,000 likes www

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When I stopped by a consumer electronics store, I saw a lot of children running into the game corner and grabbing the package of Splatoon 3 with big smiles on their faces.

Wait for me… I’ll make you a stain in Bankara City soon…

too cruel i like it

too foreign w

I like mercilessness

The usual guy I saw in Pokemon

stop the sudden horror

The battle has already started

The world is cruel…

Don’t you have a human heart? w

Drop the bluefin squid kids into the abyss of despair and let them study society

Mob uncle who ends up being a stain

When I was playing Splatoon 2, there was a time when I thought so too. However, I understood that I was the one who was beaten up and stained by her daughter in the lower grades of elementary school and her classmates (high rankers).

Sights you often see in Pokemon

Since ancient times in our country, kids have grown up being bullied by old men.

And the template up to the point where you get revenge…?

In this way, the children learned that “there is more to be done” and “there are many things in life that don’t go as planned.”

I thought it was a friendly talk, but the beginner kids are full of madness and it’s awesome wwwwww
Is this a society of fighting games where immature adults are rampant wwwww

But children absorb more and more and become stronger…
If you notice it, you may be on the side of the stain
Husband who doesn't do Guess face Counter

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