A junior highschool pupil who mentioned, “I’m worried about the future if it seems like I’m charging for the game.”"Current appearance"is a scorching subject! !Now, 10 years later…

“I’m frightened in regards to the future if I’m paying for the sport” A junior highschool pupil who turned a scorching subject in a avenue interview in 2012 is now a pupil of the University of Tokyo and talks in regards to the reality of the triumphant face interview

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Have you ever seen a picture of a avenue interview the place a junior highschool pupil mentioned with a triumphant face, “Games are there to kill time, and if you’re spending money on that time, I’m worried about the future.”the individual himselfAppeared on YouTube and talked in regards to the interview in 2012.

In an interview on the time, Doyachu Niki-san (his nickname within the picture) was requested in regards to the professionals and cons of billing,Before saying the instance, he first answered, “Actually, I also spend about 10,000 yen on games.”

Niki through the smugCurrently attending the University of Tokyo, learning and dealing in opera membership actions, evidently she is taking part in the smartphone recreation “Uma Musume”.

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Is it self-recommendation for excuse? In that sense, this mission is nice.
I need you to assist the toys as Toy Story.

It was meant to be self-deprecating, however it’s scary the way it’s reduce off and brought as a taunt…

I really like this cousin who went to the University of Tokyo correctly and may’t complain

In the top, on high of being extremely educated, there are occasions when I’m immersed in issues apart from learning, and I’m type and tolerant.
He wasn’t frightened about himself in any respect, he was a saint who even frightened in regards to the circle

Impression manipulation…

I’m at all times ready for Niki, “I’m not at the level of selling things”

After speaking in regards to the billing, did you say you had been frightened in regards to the future?
If you speak about it as self-deprecation, it will not change my impression in any respect…
Yaruhu Surprise Overaction

I’m glad I cleared up the misunderstanding
There are nonetheless lots of people who’ve develop into web toys, so I actually need you to choose them up.
Husband who does not do it, arms folded, smile

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