A hidden door that only one person in the world can go to in “Nier Automata” is discovered → Whether it’s a hidden element or a fake, the truth is finally revealed! !

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[! ? ]Only one person in the world can go to “Nier Automata”?A hidden door was reported and caused an uproar A month later, a video of what was happening beyond it was posted, and the question of whether it was fake or not caused a big reaction overseas.

The truth about the “mysterious door” reported in “Nier Automata” has been revealed. The person who threw the mystery reveals the story – AUTOMATON

Image related to Nier Automata Fake Propaganda MOD-02

The truth about the “mysterious door” that has been attracting the attention of fans in “Nier Automata” for the past few days has finally been revealed.

The possibility of being an official hidden element and the possibility of a user’s self-made video by Mod have been discussed, but it turned out to be the latter.

The video of the mysterious door was created over several years based on the image of the content that was cut from this work, and it is said that it is running on the game engine of “Nier Automata”.

Initially, the intention was for the community to have fun for about two to three days during June, but as a result, the story turned out to be bigger than expected.

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What is it _(:3 ”∠)_

What is this?

However, it’s amazing that it’s running within Nier’s game engine. It can be said that it is a mod that thrusts into a new area.

In the end, even if it was a fake, Yosupi and Yoko-san’s reaction was also great, and the person who did it was also amazing, and it became a good topic, and it was fun Thank you

It was a grown-up game

What is it, after all, it’s a fake
I was disappointed with my expectations.

…No, but this isn’t a video fake, it’s a mod that actually works in the game…
that’s just plain awesome…

The development team reimported it in the next work…

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