A group of fans translates Tokimeki Memorial into English for the first time

One of the most important titles in the history of Konami – and quizzes, including the video game – has never crossed the borders of Japan. This is Tokimeki Memorial, one of the first city simulators in media, originally released in 1994 and written by Koji Igarashi (Castlevania). Now the game can be enjoyed for the first time in English thanks to the translation park released by the Translated.Games fan group.

The translated version is the Super Nintendo, which was released two years after the original for PC Engine. The translation adds additional content from both versions, the animated and dubbed intro and ending song, and voice acting in some scenes.

Tokimeki Memorial enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in the West thanks to the video directed by Tim Rogers about its cultural relevance, based on the PlayStation version. However, despite the fact that the video (in English) has almost a million views, the following game will not be available in any language other than Japanese. Rogers himself took the opportunity to call the official location of the game:

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