A girl who performed an otome sport on the finish of the Tokugawa shogunate was caught by the Shinsengumi, however she tried to not trigger hassle to anybody.

I attempted enjoying an otome sport on the finish of the Tokugawa shogunate.
After being positioned below home arrest for having seen the covert actions of the Shinsengumi
I had a variety of decisions
Read the air and the standing of being caught
If I proceed with out bothering anybody

In the top you must dwell as you want
give me recommendation like
It ended with out something occurring with any good-looking

Hakuouki Shinkai Amakumo no Sho[Manufacturer benefits available]
Idea Factory(2022-10-06T00:00:01Z)
3.3 out of 5 stars

Hakuouki Shinkai Fuukaden for Nintendo Switch
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Reactions to this text

・i performed the identical sport
“It’s better not to poke your head into dangerous things!”
Nothing occurred with anybody, and it ended like a funeral…
At that point, it was my first time enjoying an otome sport.
It was a shock that there was such an ending lol

・I assume it is the top of Masafumi-kun in Azumahato

・When I used to play the iPhone model of Galge,
“Isn’t it like a pervert if you follow a specific heroine?”
If you play from the concept
Like Tsui grasp, no heroine will develop a romantic relationship
I’ve reached the ending. (DCii)

・I cried on the response that was too actual

・Was it a girl who might learn the environment,,

・The heroine of the otome sport is
The motto is “I want to be your strength!”
I imagine that in case you select with a constructive monster thoughts, you’ll succeed.

・The first alternative I could not work out was
When Mr. Harada advised me to run away,
For some motive, Shiranui obtained disillusioned and killed him…
The story will not progress until it is regular, so
I had the impression that Chizuru-chan was hated by some individuals w


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