A game commentator and a viewer sent a DM saying, “Please spread the word about Pokemon Unite!

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I received a DM from a viewer saying, “Please spread the word about Pokemon Unite! Even if the population is depopulated, there is still a topic!”

Pokemon Unite DM Image related to depopulation-02

Pokemon Unite DM Image related to depopulation-03

As expected of a Pokemon fan, he only says what he wants to say

Too literate grass

last sentence is too funny

It’s not depopulated, and it’s a lie that the game of luck has disappeared and many people are retiring.
Everything else is true

If it’s not taken by Gan Evo or Supra, but by major streamers unite, why not lol?seems to change into

This is why Emon is ┐(´д`)┌

There’s no way game commentators have the power to bring back depopulation w

This is a Poke Yuna anti crime

While saying please help me, I smeared stimulants on the wound.

Unite How do I get people to come back?I almost don’t want to do it anymore

Even if I say this to Roruse, isn’t it a weak punch?

I don’t know if I want to liven up Pokemon Unite or if I want to negatively cancel…
If you want to do missionary work, I think it’s wrong to send a DM like this.
Yaruo PC sweat thin eyes

Online games are the most exciting when the service starts, and it’s common for some players to cause trouble. ?
Husband who won't do it, denial, it's not

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