A friend who watched all episodes of the anime “One Piece” at 1.8x speed is excited and goes to see the movie → It will be sad wwwwww

■ From Twitter

anime seriously slow
It’s so late that I get impatient while watching and start watching manga
It’s so slow that watching anime itself is stressful

It seems that there was an empirical result somewhere that double-speed viewing and learning will save time, but it will be difficult to remember.
Only the key points are remembered or it is not linked to persistent memory

surely to my friends
goomuu goomuu pissutolu

↑ Noronoro Beam Kutte grass

As expected, I can’t complain too much even at 1.8x speed when there are over 1000 episodes.
Even if you calculate 24 minutes per episode, it’s 230 hours… Even if you watch it 8 hours a day, it will take a month…

I always watch it at 4x speed by expanding YouTube… It might be dangerous.

Oh my God, it might be this lol
Wai 1.0 speed Kaido’s attack can be cut off

Even if it’s 1.8x speed, on the contrary, it made me want to watch the whole thing.
Some people have already said it, but it took a lot of time to catch up with over 1000 episodes.
yaruo pc joy laughter

I know it feels slow when you get used to double speed lol
Husband who doesn't do it giggle

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