A financial overview of online games in 2017-2018

Dungeon Fighter Online as an online game with the largest total revenue in March 2018

Thanks to various data analysis companies, we have a fantastic financial breakdown of games that have been billed in the past 2017 y which platforms have the greatest influence in the video game industry.

The subsequently published data were collected by NewZoo, Business Insider and SuperData.

Money spent on games

In 2017, the money was spent on games for mobile devices $ 46.1 billionwill say 42% of the total pastelwho was from $ 108.9 billion in total. The sales trend of these devices is expected to increase and by 2020 it could represent 50% of all money spent on video games globally and spend more and more land on consoles and PCs.

As a residual data, with a 4%, and with a tendency to bottom, games are for navigators who will show great popularity when it comes to fashion OGame, Soldiers Inc or Total Domination to name a few.

Best companies by revenue in 2017

The Chinese of Tencent, company founded in 1998, are the kings of mambo. This industrial titan is owned by Riot Games among many other companies and has a significant stake in Activision Blizzard (12%), Netmarble Games (22%), Epic Games (48.4%) or Supercell (84.3%) among many others .

The next on the list is Sony which includes its entire range of entities, as well as its largest source of revenue, PlayStation. Another thing that stands out on the rankings is NetEaseknown for its copies of games for mobile devices such as Survivor Royale, Fortcraft or MMORPGs for PC such as Revelation Online.

The best selling video games in the world

For the best-selling games around the world, and to everyone’s surprise, we have as number one to Tetris. Launched for the first time in 1984, this classic has since become a cultural cornerstone of the video game industry, launching a new release every year until 2014, leaving a trail, a motif that was not enough to ruin it. .

The following is on the list and it does not surprise me so much MinecraftThe “Notch” game, founder of Mojang, who then sold his company and the game to Microsoft for calderilla of $ 2,500 million (who should pay for it).

To finish with this top 10, let’s keep up with the pace GTA Vfollowed by Nintendo games in their entirety, and between media, Overwatch and PUBG.

Free-to-play vs Buy-to-play games

The best games on all platforms with total digital revenue – MARCH 2018

Sing the songs (I am included) free-to-play is the most profitable business model of the current era, with some exceptions such as World of Warcraft (Buy-to-play more subscription) or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (Buy-to-play multiple micropayments) for the PC platform. The panorama for consoles is quite clear, despite the rarity Fortnite as free-to-play and the rest of all Buy-to-play games. The mobile device platform is without a doubt the clear reflection of the free game by expertise.

People love online. So much so that the category was generated in 2017 $ 19.8 millionaround the rain of 60% of all income regarding games for PC in digital. Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games offer a wide range of game genres including RPGs, Shooters, MOBAs and the so popular Battle Royale that has now come back to life.

As a curious gift we have one Dungeon Fighter onlineas according to SuperDatahas a total income which he has surpassed the king for a long time, League of legends. Dungeon Fighter Online is a 2D MMO beat’em up with RPG elements. We can choose from 14 classes and unravel the mysteries of the ancestors while ending up with all the enemies on our way.

This data is not to the point that they can be reliable that Steam has a pretty low base of players, few views on its Youtube channel, but it is true that it has its own client from its web page where the cloud of players. I have not seen any Pay-to-win signals, but there are problems connecting to the servers.

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