[! ? ]A female gamer defeats almost all bosses, including the strongest enemy “Malenia” in “Elden Ring”, with “level 1 and one-handed play” wwwwww

The powerful enemy Malenia in “Elden Ring” is defeated by level 1 one-handed play. Almost all other than Malenia are defeated – AUTOMATON

Elden Ring Malenia Boss Image related to one-handed play-02

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Mr. Mikkaa, a streamer who is doing live game activities on Twitch,Succeeded in defeating the difficult boss “Mikela’s Blade, Malenia” in “Elden Ring” with one hand and character level 1..

In the footage of defeating Malenia, you can actually see how the DualSense controller is manipulated with one hand.
He wears something like a sock on his right hand. He drapes his left hand over the controller and skillfully navigates through each input.

Mikkaa has already beaten most of the bosses in this game with one-handed play at level 1.It says.
before thatComplete challenges such as “Defeat all bosses that drop memories at level 1” and “Defeat all bosses that drop memories without dying”is doing.

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This is a faded person

This is amazing!

I saw the video but it’s really bad

One-handed play… operating the placed controller like a keyboard

I’m too scared to fade away


Eh… this is… what’s going on?

Not human…

I don’t know what you’re talking about anymore

It’s a true god game where anyone can win if they reach a level where they can win by manipulating characters with their mouths.

e···? Defeat that Malenia at level 1 and with one hand…?
I had a hard time just defeating him like normal…it’s too bad
Yaruo PC turn around sweat shadow

This is the next one leg challenge ()
Husband who doesn't do Guess face Counter


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