A father who’s a Gundam fan names his little kids “Red Comet”, “Light Universe” and “Fukouun” ← Do you understand how to learn it? ?

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Coming this far is moderately refreshing

Why did you select Frau as a substitute of Sayla?

The surname was already illegible.

Amuro, Seira, and Aina generally ask…w

Are you determined? wwwwww

I additionally considered “Kyasubaru” and “Aruteishia”!
Well, all of the characters in Gundam do not lead good lives, so I believe it is higher to not identify them an excessive amount of.

At least Char is a curse, so make him Casval. Isn’t that the issue?

I’ve one thing to say
Why Why···
Husband is frustrating Gununu

It’s Char, not Amuro! ?
Why is my daughter not Sayla although I named her Char!? ?
Is there such a thing as a husband!  !  !

I’ve extra to say…

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