A famous Smash Bros. broadcaster bursts into flames with too much abuse to his opponent “All your relatives die! It’s bad for the mother who gave birth to you! ASD! It’s a bad way to raise you! Call your parents in front of me!”

■ From Twitter

“Seriously, you guys should all die! Hey, you relatives!I feel bad for the mother who gave birth to you!

Fuck you stupid! But! psychopath! ASD! Oh!Together!

Do it with me! Die! ! Hey, you all die! The guy using this!

!Stay out of my sight! garbage!It’s really scary

Every time, you’re Kazuya in 2 out of 4 races, and before that, it’s all Kazuya, isn’t it?! !

Oh! You’re badly raised! Call your parents! before me! I yelled and messed up!how did you raise

You’re crazy!Damn it, real… hey! Seriously, bring your parents!

Kazuya or Steve, bring your parents! Tell me how you were raised!

I really don’t use the wrong way to raise them, and the wrong way to live!

Only real funny characters appear! Can you do it? end! I will do the next delivery from 7:30.

It’s over for now. I’m so frustrated and it sucks. good job. Please subscribe to the channel

■ From Twitter

Fighting games have a lot of gaffes
Didn’t you say something about being a woman before?

↑It’s the same with sports, but you can’t lose a fight.
mental trainer

Den vomits this kind of abusive language on a daily basis

It’s amazing that you can rant like this even though you’re streaming
Also, I’m blaming the character, but isn’t there something that I’m weak at?
Smash Bros expert tell me

A squeaky voice peculiar to a lively shadowy character It’s really tough

why do you say such nasty things

yes insult

Don’t pull the people who are watching

What kind of parenting did this guy’s parents do?

Kazuya from Super Smash Bros. doesn’t like to be lively
forgive me

Call Kazuya’s parents
Are you talking about Heihachi Mishima?

When Wai loses an interpersonal match, he yells like this.

The guy who is throwing money at this kind of thing is the most don.
It’s the same as dropping money in the gutter How did your parents raise you?

Why do you have such a foul mouth?
Is it the fault of the parents who gave birth or the whole family?

A sample of what happens when you play games all the time as a child
It should be played in elementary school moral class

I’m afraid the chat that’s flowing is moderately positive
Feel like a true believer

Even if it’s just a joke

If you don’t like being used, you can use yourself too.

If you’re playing games to win, you should definitely use strong characters.
Are you mad at using a strong character even though you’re a professional?

↑The character he uses is stronger

↑ That’s too bad

The Mishima family is the worst

Well, if it’s just a little rant by a non-professional general broadcaster…

What, eh… what is this… there’s a limit to ranting…
No matter how much you’re too sharp, you’re saying too much… as expected, this is bad…

I know you can get mad in a fighting game, but can you go so far as to rant…
What’s more, it’s a world that I can’t understand…

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