A collaboration between Hololive and the world’s popular game “Among Us” will be held from today! A limited-time collaboration skin for the affiliated VTuber is now available! Commemorative goods will also be sold!

A collaboration between the VTuber office “Holo Live Production” and the online game “Among Us” will start on Wednesday, September 21, Japan time! – PR TIMES

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We have decided to collaborate with the VTuber group “Holo Live Production” operated by our company and the online game “Among Us”.

A limited-time collaboration skin (cosmetic) with the motif of the talent belonging to “Holo Live Production” will appear in the online game “Among Us”.

Collaboration skins can be obtained by purchasing “Collaboration Cosmicubes” in-game and unlocking them through gameplay. “Collaboration Cosmicubes” can be purchased for 3 months from the collaboration start date.

Please take this opportunity to enjoy “Among Us”.

In addition, to commemorate this collaboration, we plan to sell collaboration goods.

Details of the collaboration goods will be released soon, so please wait for further information.

Collaboration overview

■ Start date

US Pacific Time: Tuesday, September 20, 2022 at 10:00
Japan Standard Time: September 21, 2022 (Wednesday) 2:00

*Japan Standard Time is 16 hours ahead of US Pacific Standard Time (summer time).

■ Participating talent

Hololive =========
Shirakami Fubuki
Okami Mio
Nekomata rice porridge
Inugami Korone
Usada Pekora
Hosho Marine

Hololive Indonesia ===
Ayunda Squirrel
Moona Hoshinova

Hololive English ======
Watson Amelia

■Collaboration skin contents

“Hat”, “Skin” and “Visor” with motifs of 10 participating talents (30 types in total)

Read full text below

Come on! ! ! !

Oh yeah!

Goods! ? ! ? ! ?

Already started? ? ! !

Isn’t it today!

I love both among us and hololive so much that I can’t breathe

Is there no mikochi lol

Mikochi isn’t there lol I feel like I’m doing the best w

Yay! Let’s do Amoas!

It’s really good that Hololive is collaborating with Amoas! ?
I have to play this right now yeah yeah yeah!
yaruo dance smile

But you, Amoath, don’t have any friends to play with, and it doesn’t matter because you have communication problems
Husbands who do & Husbands who don't

Husband who does chase Husband who does not run away Instigation

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