99% of Spaniards have been the target of a cyber attack

Based on Report from Amenazas in Spain99% of Spaniards surveyed said they had experienced vulnerabilities in their data due to a cyber attack in the last 12 months, in addition, the organizations experienced an average of 1.52 security incidents. Because of this, the Economics and Digital Transformation announced that more than 213 million euros will be invested in cybersecurity in 2021.

Motives to use a VPN

As the year draws to a close, digital privacy expert Daniel Markuson has offered five predictions about cybersecurity for 2021:

IA will transform cybercrime

The IA is not only useful for Alexa and for robot movies: it is also used to carry out cyber attacks. Cybercriminals will infect IA systems and adapt them to their interests or use IAs to identify new vulnerabilities in networks, devices, and applications that may end in an epic IA vs. I A.

VPNs are becoming a necessity

Increased government censorship, strict vigilance, repression or civil unrest are just some of the reasons why millions of people will seek out VPNs for a way to communicate and access information online freely. Hong Kong and Russia will have elections of greatest importance in September 2021, which will eliminate the demand for VPNs between the city as a form of protection against possible abuse of authority.

In addition, VPNs will help us go from 4G to 5G. In five years, more than half of the world will use 5G, but it presents some problems. 5G has better coverage, but it will also generate tons of bandwidth problems because servers offering online services will not be able to support the huge up and down speeds. VPNs can break these boundaries without restrictions by blocking your traffic to ISPs so you can not slow down.

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The counterfeit coins become weapons

It will spread data filtering on startup customers, where the pandemic will force companies to focus on production and not so much on security, which will leave a large number of vulnerable points to hacker attacks. Therefore, we place more emphasis on securing our personal accounts and ensuring our own security. Click here to take the national privacy test.

Europe will be crowned as the “technology breaker”

In 2021, legislation with decades of antiquity will be modernized to adapt to the new times. The EU e-commerce directive was drafted in 2000, but it will be next year (after 20 years) where we see Europe enter into Digital Services Law to balance the playing field between digital companies. One of the new initiatives will require large technology companies to share the data they collect with other companies, as well as allow the integration of competitors’ products in their own platforms.

Data vulnerabilities will overwhelm registrations around the world

Online scams doubled in the first half of 2020 and are starting even higher. With a large number of people always trapped, our devices have been converted to our only window in the world, giving hackers much more material than they can work with. The pandemic has made it so that companies, teletrabajadores and medical institutions have big targets for cybercrime circuits and their tactics are not as obvious as they should think. According to a study conducted by NordVPN, it has been shown that attempts to exploit vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office have increased by 400% in the second quarter of the year and are following an increasing trend.

“Whether it’s to prepare for IA, to study cybercrime, or to analyze new social trends, these predictions are the result of many years of experience in the first line of cyber security,” said Daniel Markuson, digital privacy expert at NordVPN. .

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