8Doors: Arum’s Afterlife Adventure – Guide to all the finals

How to make the three different endings in 8Doors: Arum’s Afterlife Adventure.

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Guide to all the finals

The “sad” conclusion

To get the sad ending, play the game at your own pace, but do not match all the optional bosses to win the seven reincarnation flowers.

Note: the closing of the mirror does not take effect at this end.

Al hacerlo…

But while the last ruler is gone and finds your father’s soul, he will not be able to leave, and you will have to return to the land of the living with empty hands.

The last “good”

To get the “good” ending to the game, play the game normally and make sure to collect the seven resurrection flowers.

Without a doubt, you should not find all the memory scenes to complete the mirror in your fixtures.

With the seven selected flowers, but with a running mirror …

Arum and her father will return home on the boat with Caronte. His father will recover thanks to the powers of the flowers and live happily.

The last “true”

To get the ultimate truth, gather ALL the seven reincarnation flowers and completely reformat the mirror in your fixtures.

Fragments of the mirror are found when scenes are observed near each of the Guardians.

Scene locations

  1. The first one you’ll probably find is at Reincarnation Station. Interacts with the bar next to the Chief of the Reincarnation Station for a scene.
  2. The other is in the Crimson Mine area. Push the exit lever on the Crimson Mines Keeper office.
  3. The third is at the Despacho office in Meseta Helada. Check out the top right corner of the room to see a scene.
  4. With Paraguas from Meseta Helada, you can access the waterfall in the Brumoso Forest for the fourth memorable. It is in the large living room where you meet the foggy forest ranger, on the edge of the area. Hop on some invisible platforms and leave what can take you beyond the waterfall, using Paraguay to pass.
  5. The fifth is on the upper level of the control center of the underground channel. I was trying to see a scene.
  6. The last memorial is to the right of the Observatory overlooking the repaired bridge. It looks like an astrologer in a repetition.

With the six fragments of the mirror, the mirror will be restored, and you will be able to attain the ultimate Truth, which will reveal (a little confused) who you really are: the guardian of the abundant earth.

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